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Be Your Own Boss!

Life as a Girl Boss!!

How many of you run your own business?

Times have certainly changed over the years hasn’t it, I bet most of you wouldn’t even have thought to be your own boss 20-40 years ago right. Now it seems to be the going thread, the IN thing to do. Every time you check your newsfeed on Facebook it’s another friend selling something or running their own business.

The thought never crossed my mind growing up that I would be running my own at home business, not in a million years. I was an average student, I had the basic average job never applied for any management positions ever, it was just not something that interested me. I was just your average Joe that wanted to go to work, do my job and come over and repeat every single day.

It was what I knew, it was how I grew up. My parents both worked outside the home for someone else and they were both with the same companies for many years. My father was with the same company for about 40 years, doing the same thing every single day and carried a pager most of the time so he was on call a lot even on weekends where he’d have to go into work cause a garage door was broke and the company provided 24/7 service and you’d hear him complain all the time that whenever he was on call he’d always have to go where others would have the pager and not as much even and they’d hardly ever get a call.

For health reasons they are both retired now and but only made enough money to live day to day so they don’t get to enjoy the benefits of retirement where most get to enjoy travelling the world.

When I finished high school I went to collage and took Medical Office Administration and started working right afterwards. I was lucky enough to get a government job with the Hospital and worked there for 14 years, moving around a bit within the company and kept moving up the ladder and was making pretty decent money but I started getting bored and not feeling fulfilled in my job like something was missing.

I enjoyed working with computers and learning new things so I actually quit my full-time job and went back to school and took IT and majored in Database Management I did really well in my course but still didn’t feel like it was me. I worked for an IT firm for 4 years just living my day, day by day, go to work do my job, come home and repeat but then cut backs started and since I was the bottom of the seniority train I was one of the first to go. I was devastated as I was depended on my income and paying my bills at this point, making good money and I knew that IT was not really the job for me so I was kind of lost and not sure where to look next.

However, I had this little side hustle job I was doing and loving every minute of it. I’ve always been active with fitness and enjoy working out and now I have a full community where everyone supports each other and motivates one another to stay on track and keep each other accountable.

Let me be honest here though being an online Health and Fitness Coach is not a get rich quick business it does take a lot of work and patience and you have to put yourself out there but it truly is the most fulfilling and rewarding job ever. We get to watch as people grow within themselves, watch them have more energy, feel better from the inside out and if weight loss is their goal we get to watch them drop pant sizes and feel proud about themselves, nothing feels better than watching other reach their goals both physically and financially.

Just today for instance I was able to witness that a fellow team mate was able to leave her full-time nursing position because her Coaching business was replacing her income and today she is officially a 7 figure income earner and only in the business for just over 3 years and she’s not the only one. I know several that are apart of my team that are reaching their goals financially and physically.

I may not be anywhere near my goals financially yet, but I refuse to give up and I love what I do and I trust and believe that someday I too will be a successful Coach.

I work hard every single day to better myself, to learn how to be a better Coach to my team and my customers. I’m not going to lie there are days where I just want to say that’s it I’m done, I quit!!, but then I suck it up and say nope I love it, I love helping my customers and I can’t compare myself to others or be upset because one of my customers left me to go work with someone else, or that person has such a bigger team than me or that person makes so much more than me.. those things happen and it is what it is, so push it aside and just move on.

I actually take courses now because I want to not because someone is telling me to. I set my own hours, I come and go as I please. I never have to ask for time off or get someone to cover for me. I am my own Boss and I make my own rules and I love it. I know I should be looking for another source of income but I’m so focused on my business and want to grow on my own that I can never seem to go out and get something else. I’m creating content right now so I can help my team grow, I put more effort and time in my own business than I ever have when I was working for someone else, it’s funny but true and so much more satisfying.

If you’re thinking about building your own business and becoming a Coach, I’d love to have you on my Team, you can click HERE for more details and we can chat about getting you started.

If you loved this blog, please share it with your family and friends, provide comments below or reach out to me, would love to hear from you.

Coach Tammy xo

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I am an online Health and Fitness Coach that helps others reach their goals all within the comforts of their own home. I provide the support and encouragement they need to succeed by providing them with the correct tools. You can join my next VIP group by signing up here: Join My VIP Group Today. You can follow me on Facebook at TDFitness4Ever

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